Why I switched to WordPress.

Why I switched to WordPress

Why I Switched to WordPress

If you have ever been to my previous blog, www.stampinmindy.net you are probably wondering why I switched to WordPress after 8 years on Blogger. Well, after 8 years it was time to move on, time to grow. I have used my blog as a crafter and design team member ONLY! I decided I wanted to venture out and explore blogging about other topics. This is a HUGE reason why I  switched to WordPress and even switched my blog name was because I wanted to actually blog and not just post photos of my projects. I want to share stories, ideas, tutorials, and resources and really make My Creative Scoop a place where people can come to for help, advice, laughs and of course crafts!

If you are just starting as a blogger I would recommend using a free blogging platform. I used Blogger for years and until you have a little understanding on how to change around your layout, add photos, link to web pages etc.

Reasons why I switched to WordPress

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  I’ve done some research on this topic and you can really pin point the direction of your traffic with this nifty little tool! You can also get a lot more traffic, too!
  • Widgets – These are seriously AMAZING! You want to build a gallery, have a contact form, add categories, create menus, hover over a photo to create different effects, have a spam protector, link to all social media sites, share posts to social media, the list goes on and on and on.. – Well, there’s a widget for that, seriously!
  • Make Money with your Blog – You can use ad networks, do product reviews, write an e-book, use affiliates offer ad space on your own site.
  • Own your own site and Domain – Having content that is truly all YOURS. Blogger, TypePad and other free hosting blog sites are just there for you to rent and you never know when those terms are going to change. If you own your own space and domain you will never have to worry about a company telling you can’t be here anymore.
  • Google Analytics – I love to see where my traffic comes from. This widget lets me see what pages are the most popular, how they came to my blog, what browser and Country! Technology is truly amazing!
  • Customization – I love to make my own graphics and although Blogger lets you add your own background and top banner you can really make your blog look unique using WordPress.

After almost 2 months of blogging I’m completely happy and so glad I made the decision to move to WordPress. I’m going to be putting together lists of the resources I used when learning about WordPress and all the amazing things you can do with it so please visit again soon!

I would love to hear the reasons why you have switched to WordPress. Or share why you aren’t.



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