What makes Copic Markers so special?

What makes Copic Markers so Special?

There's something about putting ink to paper and bringing an image to life with your Copic Markers!

If you’re looking into getting started using Copic Markers or you’ve just got some recently, either way, you’re probably thinking to yourself….What makes Copic Markers so special?

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I'm pretty sure I was born to color!

There were stacks of coloring books in my closet as a kid! I remember, on the floor in the middle of the family room surrounded by pencil boxes of crayons, colored pencils and markers – my sister and I would color for hours!! I’m guessing most of us crafty folk did when we were kids.

Here’s what I remember most about coloring when I was a kid.

  • Used the darker color to outline the image.
  • Tried to blend colors cause let’s face it 24 colors were NOT enough!
  • Colored in different directions all over the page.
  • The markers were almost always dry, unless brand new.
  • Crayons always broke.
  • Colored pencils were always dull because the sharpener was lost and shoving it in the one behind the one on the crayon box would always jam it up.

I swear every time I was at the store with my mom I’d ask for another box or crayons, markers, etc.

But, what is it about colors all lined up in a row that make it so appealing to us as kids and now as an adult?

Coloring is my therapy

Studies show when you color, it actually puts the brain in a meditative state which benefits you by:

  • Lower stress levels.
  • Helps put you in more of a relaxed state.
  • Coloring actually helps with inspiring you to create!
  • Can help improve sleep and attention spans. 

So, when people make the comment – “Coloring is my therapy“. They aren’t lying. 

Did you ever think you’d get that feeling of creative excitement again? Whether you’re printing digis or stamping and sit at your desk to color- it’s time for your “Coloring Therapy” which is a lot like running in the family room with my coloring books and crayon boxes all over again!

What makes Copic Markers so special?

So, what makes Copic Markers so Special?

[ The nitty gritty! ]

Let’s say you’re picking up a Copic Marker for the first time.. it will only be natural to color like our childhood days, right? Except for Copic Markers and their magical formula of alcohol ink, will give you the capabilities to create beautiful images, just like an artist! You’re probably thinking, why will these markers make my images look like an artist and not the regular old childhood Crayola’s? What makes Copic Markers soooo special? Well, in short here are some of the reasons why coloring with Copic Markers is so much better, to me.
  •  The ink blends so you will be able to create gradients.
  •  You can create all sorts of different textures with Copics.
  •  Have the ability to create shadows and highlights.
  •  There are more color options to choose and create.
  •  Copic Markers will last forever if you take care of them.
  •  The colors are vibrant and never dull or fade.
Sounds pretty awesome, right?
Why Copics and not watercolor, colored pencils or any other coloring medium? Well, it’s just like when we were little… by using Copic Markers as your choice of coloring medium you will NEVER ..
  • Run out of ink as they can be refilled.
  • Have to stop and search for a good sharpener (cause we know kids never put things back where they belong)
  • Need to worry about cleaning up water, cleaning paint brushes or that paint palette — which will probably lead to doing the dishes.
In a nutshell, we learned.. Copic Marker coloring will prevent unnecessary dish washing!
Haha! Just kidding 😛
Copic Markers are my medium of choice. Will they be the right choice for you with your card-making, too??
Copic Marker illustration

What's holding you back... Your next step!

Whether you have already purchased some Copic Markers or deciding if you should, continue your Copic Marker research here on My Creative Scoop Blog with my Copic Marker Series: Beginner to Pro. The next post, What you need to know about Copic Markers, BEFORE you buy, will be available soon!

Until then..

Answer this: What is (or was) holding you back from taking that leap into the Copic Coloring pool? 

Let me know in the comments!

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What makes Copic Markers so special?

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