Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Creative Blog

Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Creative Blog

Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Creative Blog

Hello my creative lovelies! I’m so excited about this post today. Over the last year I have gone from about 600 pinterest followers to over 4,800 and still growing. Pinterest is HUGE for businesses, blogs and websites and if you’re not using it or not using to it’s fullest potential then you are missing out on traffic, dedicated readers and customers. As a blogger/business owner you SHOULD be Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Creative Blog!

 So, you’re probably thinking I do use Pinterest and I don’t see growth like that. What am I doing wrong?

  • The first thing you are going to want to do is clean up your Pinterest Boards. So, any boards that don’t have anything to do with your business or blog you are going to want to delete them or make them private.
  • Then you’re going to want to create boards that are relevant to your brand. Be specific with your board names. How would you search for something. Don’t use cutesy phrases and words just so things match. Use keywords relevant to your brand.
  • Your User Profile also needs to have keywords. You don’t have that much room for description so get right to the point. The key to writing your profile description is tell your readers how you are going to help them.
  • Longer pinnable graphics. The longer your graphics are the more space they take up and the more eye catching they will be.
  • Set up Rich Pins! Doing this will really help your pins and your website. I found an AWESOME tutorial on this for blogger and WordPress. Check out this site to enable Rich Pins!

Spice up your Profile!

Hi, I’m Mindy I love to read and binge watch Netflix. I love my Copics and Cardmaking. Visit my site

Well, Mindy sounds lovely! But Why do I want to go to her site? What are Copics? Is her site about books, netflix…. squirrel! You’ve just lost a potential reader!

Now Let’s try this again… Take a look at my Pinterest profile.

In my main header title I have my Business/Site Name and I’ve also used descriptive keywords Copic Marker • Coloring Addict. So the first thing my readers are going to see is oh, she loves to color, that must be what her site/business is about.

Then to the right I have my location listed for potential class opportunities. Then I get right to the point, ” I show cardmakers and artists how to use Copic Markers.” So, not only did I share what I do but I’m coming right out and telling you who my target audience is.

Coloring – Cardmakers – Artists.

Now, “Take my FREE e-course.” I’m giving my reader a call to action. I’m pulling them away from Pinterest and onto my blog. Where they are going to find tons of Copic Tutorials, Free Downloads and a chance to join my Free E-Course! Value, Value and more Value!

Pin throughout the day!

Whaaaaat?! You’re probably thinking ok, hello, I have a life I cannot sit on Pinterest all day long! Forget it! But wait. You don’t have to BE on Pinterest to pin. Yes, you heard me right.

Schedule your pins.

I use a Pinterest scheduler called Tailwind. You can start a free 30 day trial and test it out. Before testing it out I think you should clean up your profile and boards first.

So, what it does is you will save pins to be pinned later. Once you link your Pinterest profile to your Tailwind account you will be able to start scheduling out pins. For example. When I post a new blog post I go straight to my post and click the little Tailwind button on my long pinnable picture. Then depending on the category of that post I add the pin to all the boards that fit that post. Then I will go to my scheduled pins and move them around and spreading them out so I’m not posting that particular pin 4 times in one day. So, now I’ll be spreading out those pins throughout the next 2-3 weeks, at different times and they are all scheduled to be pinned by different boards. Easy peasy right!?

Once I have over 100+ pins per board I activate the Smart looping tool. This will bring older pins up to the top. Therefore bringing traffic to older blog posts! Oh Yeah!!!

7 Day Pinterest Challenge!

I know that’s a ton of information I just threw at you. So I’ve broken up the steps and have turned this into a 7 Day Pinterest Challenge. Each day we will be only spending 15-25 minutes on your Pinterest account. This way you will feel less overwhelmed and you will get through these steps Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Creative Blog.

Take blogging to the next step!

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Drive Traffic to your Blog using Pinterest - 7 Day Pinterest Challenge

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