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How would you like to not only color, but illustrate your own Valentine’s Cards? No stamping, no printing.. this is all you, my friend!

Do you ever wonder what it takes to sit and illustrate your own images using your Copic Markers?

Sure, you have tons of stamps and images to print. But, getting all your crafts and stamps out just seems like such a pain. So, you decide to just scroll through Instagram or Pinterest looking for inspiration instead of actually creating yourself.

Does that sound familiar?

Or is that a perfect description of myself?

… haha I know you can relate!

Decorative Cookies

Learn how to create these perfect textures to  illustrate realistic looking, Decorative Valentine’s Day Cookies. Yum!

Candy Lolli-pop

Learn how to achieve the shiny look of candy and dripping chocolate when illustrating this yummy Valentine’s Day Lolli-pop!

Sprinkled Doughnut

Learn how to illustrate delicious looking frosting on a doughnut. Plus, all the possibilities of decorating your sweets!

Waffle & frosting

Learn my simple strategy to  illustrate this crispy waffle, dipped with smooth and shiny frosting. Plus my Copic “watercolor” border!

Here's what you get when you sign up!

This course is going to teach you how to blend your Copic Markers using the right textures to illustrate your very own sweets! My simple coloring strategy will help you learn to control the ink on the paper.

Plus, All my classes are always in real time and never sped up or done in a time-lapse. 

Lifetime Access

You’ll get lifetime access to the course. so you can watch on your own time and learn at your own pace. 

Any device

You can watch the course videos on a computer, phone or tablet as long as they have internet access.

Copic Techniques

You will learn all sorts of different blending and Copic Marker techniques that can be replicated for any season.

questions asked

If you are struggling or need some advice or    constructive criticism.. just shoot me an e-mail.

Copic List

A Copic Marker list of color combos. If you don’t have all the Copics listed, I can create a custom Copic Marker list for you!

Copic Instruction

You’ll get over 60 minutes of Copic Marker instruction and complete 3 Spooky Halloween Backgrounds!


"She’s Amazing!"

I’ve taken a couple of classes for Mindy and I love how she teaches. If I want to see something over and over again, I can just hit replay or fast forward to the part I need. The way she teaches how to color with copics is super easy! I love her style and I love her teaching style too! Plus she’s Uber talented and has really cute ideas for cards. I highly recommend her classes… And I will definitely take more in the future. ❤️❤️❤️

This is for you if:

Included in course...

  • Valentine’s Sentiments.
  • Cookie Shape and decorating ideas PDF.
  • Valentine Color Combos.

"I love Mindy's Classes!"

I’ve taken quite a few of Mindy’s classes over the last couple of years and I have improved tremendously with my Copic Coloring. I love how she breaks each image down in smaller chunks so you can do small parts when you have time. Every project I make with her classes turns out amazingly well. I’ve gained so much confidence that I now color images all the time and I’m on a couple of design teams!

Copic Course Questions

You can substitute color combos for whatever you have. For example if you have B91, 93, and 95 for blue and I’m using B12, B14 and B18 for the water.. use what you have. Try to replace however many markers I’m using with your combo. If you were to follow a class or tutorial and do not have those colors used you can still follow along. If you are watching someone color a brown bunny and they are using E30, E31, E33 — and you have E23, E25, E27 you can color using those. Yeah your bunny will be darker and different shade, but you’ll still get to follow the rule of applying the ink to the paper in the same way as the teacher. You can even make a pink bunny! 

My classes are going to help you more if you are using Copics. The technique is a little different if you’re using another alcohol marker with a bullet nib as opposed to the Copic which is a super brush nib. However, you will learn from the class still, light source, depth perception, freehand backgrounds and more. However, I do not have a lot of different coloring mediums — so telling you which colors to use will be difficult. So, I suggest if I’m asking for blue for water and I’m using 4 different shades of blue, just use whatever blue color combo that coordinates that you have. 

First, I’d like to say that you should learn from as many different people as possible. Then take the techniques and tips you learned, that you like the best, from each artist and combine them so you can create your own style! I think it’s so important to stand out and create your own look.

In my classes I encourage you to do just that. There’s no pressure to color it exactly the way I did — or if you didn’t want to go as dark, or if you wanted to do some extreme shadows. You need to create the look YOU want! I’m just there to help you learn how to use the markers and teach you some freehand backgrounds. 

Most of my new classes are only available for about a 2 week period. After a year has gone by I’ll re-open the course according to the season — some classes will stay all year if it’s not a seasonal class.

Unfortunately, no. I’m sorry. I’ve had an issue with class re-distribution and I put a lot of effort into my classes.

However, you will have access for the lifetime of the course… you purchase and can login to view them anytime.

Once you pay for the course you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run my coloring classes. So if you you don’t have time right away to start but are interested in a course, it’s best if you sign up right away as the courses will only be available for a limited time.

You will have 30 days to request a refund and I’ll refund your money and remove you from the course.

You also must not have viewed more than 15% of the courses content.

You’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to my online coloring class.

If any chance my classroom closes, you will be given the opportunity to download the classes to your computer.

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