How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

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I’m so excited to be part of the July Altenew Release. There are some wonderful new products coming out that I know you all are going to love! I was so hard for me to choose a set to use but since it is Summer and given the whole ice cream scoop and my site name I just had to go with this adorable stamp set, Summer Swirls. It’s so cute and you can really do so much with this set. I mean there are a gazillion different ice cream flavors. 🙂

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How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

Of course I had to share how I colored my ice cream so here’s a tutorial you can follow along with.

If you would like to learn more about Copic Markers join my 5 days to better Copic Coloring email series!!


Copic Colors:

  • Vanilla Ice Cream – C00, N0, N3, N5, E99, E33, E31, E30
  • Chocolate Ice Cream – E29, E39, E37, E33, E31, E30, E99
  • Strawberry Ice Cream – R59, R35, R32, R30, E99, E33, E31, E30
  • Cherries – R29, R27, R22, R59


How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

How to color ice cream using Copic Markers and Altenew Stamps

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Have fun hopping along and good luck!

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    What a delicious set of cards! Love the colors and your step by step coloring of the ice cream and cone. This looks like it’s a fun stamp set to create some art that are so realistic. I can see creating a card with them and enclosing a gift card to a local ice cream shop as a birthday gift.

  18. Chris S.

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