How much are Copic Markers + a simple way to pick the right colors!

How much are Copic Markers?

guilt of buying something for yourself

How many of you have gone to Target or any store and thought, hey.. I’m going to be a little selfish and buy these things for me. 

Then, as you’re heading to the register or while you’re at the register you start really thinking, do I need this? The guilt of buying something for yourself sinks in and all of a sudden you hand the cashier a pile of things saying, “I’m gonna hold off on these, this time”.

This time” turns into never. 

Especially as a mom.

I know I have a hard time buying things for myself. I’ll start thinking of things the kids need, or whatever Holiday or someone’s Birthday coming up. Then, my needs or shall I say wants get put on the back burner.

This is a perfect example of what happens when most people want Copic Markers. 

Because they are expensive

As a mom, or better yet as a human being, we all need to realize that our wants and needs are just as important as anyone else. You have to be the one to fulfill your needs and wants. 

Because you deserve it!

Different Kinds of Copics and their Prices

Are you ready to board that Copic train…

Choo Choo!!

Awesome! Now what markers are right for you?

There are 4 different types of Copic Markers. All of them have the same Copic Ink and therefore the ink will all blend the same

The differences are:

  • the size & shape of the barrels
  • how much ink they hold
  • the shape and texture of the nibs
  • the technique to use the different nibs

The 2 most common types of Copic Markers that are especially used in card-making or papercraft World are Ciao and Sketch. The Orginal also known as Classic are probably next and then Wide. 

  • Sketch – Most popular (colors, oval barrel, double sided, super brush nib and chisel nib, comes in all 358 colors and can be refilled about 7 refills with new refill styles. Cost: $5.85 at (affiliate link)
  • Ciao – Round barrel, double sided, super brush nib and chisel nib, comes in 156 colors and can be refilled about 9 times with the new style refills. Cost: $3.90 at (affiliate link)
  • Wide – Extra wide chisel nib, wide flat barrel (3/4 inch), comes in 36 colors and can be refilled 3.5 times with new style refill. Cost: around $10 (not very many stores have these available online.
  • Original – Square barrel, double sided, fin nib and a chisel nib, comes in 214 colors and about 5 refills with the new style refills. Cost: $5.85 at (affiliate link)

I prefer the Sketch – it feels most comfortable in my hand and I prefer to see the names of the colors on my caps.
Take a look at all the colors in the chart below. Which colors do you like? Use the Copic guide to see if those colors come in that style.

CLick image to enlarge

What Copic Colors should you start with?

There’s over 350 Copic Colors, do I have them all? NO, I don’t. I do have over 200 of them though that I have bought over the years.

I really don’t feel the need for all of the Copics and if you are just starting with Copics all of those colors can be extremely intimidating.

Plus, having a bunch of Copics and not even really knowing how to use them can be frustrating. You will feel forced to use them and probably ending up feeling like you’ve wasted your money

Then feeling that guilt for buying them all over again.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “What do I like to color?”

For me it’s people, critters and backgrounds.

I recommend getting 1 set of 3 or 4 coordinating colors. So, choose a pink, purple, blue etc. Make sure they are in the same family so, B91, B93, B95, B97. This way you can learn to blend them. 

Want to know my go to color combos?

Download my favorite Copic Marker Color Combos below.

Which Copic Marker Set should you start with?

The reasons why most people buy Copic Marker Sets — and I’m talking the 12, 24, 36 and 72 piece marker sets.

  • are overwhelmed by all the colors so it’s convenient when you don’t know what colors to choose.
  • think this is the best way to save money.
  • seeing all the pretty colors lined up puts them in a trance.. must buy… must buy! JK!

It can be a lot of work trying to figure out what colors to buy first. Let me tell you from experience – starting with Copic Markers with one of these sets – is not the way to go. Here’s what usually happens.

You get your markers and try to color something or just blend them together.

The greens that come in the kit are not the same shade and you can’t blend them – like you’ve seen in the hours and hours of YouTube videos you’ve watched.

So, now you need more markers – or another set, right?

So that extra money you “saved” you’ll have to buy those missing colors.

Now you’re frustrated because…

  • you can’t use the markers like you wanted.
  • You’re out a few hundred dollars.
  • and need to spend more money in order to use them.

If you are wanting to buy a set look into the Copic Marker Trios and sets of 6 all have coordinating colors to blend.

So if you are looking to get a set, these are the way to go.

Copic Marker Alternatives

I was shopping for some Windex a few weeks ago and unfortunately the store was out. So I had to just get some random off brand glass cleaner. It was less expensive and the bottle was even a little bigger than the Windex bottle I normally buy- it was actually nice to save a few bucks!


When I got home and cleaned the mirror in my bathroom I immediately remembered why I always spend the extra $..

  • I end up using more glass cleaner because it doesn’t work as well.
  • Since I’m using more of the cleaner, I end up using more paper towels.
  • Now, I’m exhausted and probably going to be a little sore from all the wiping back and fourth to get the streaks out — which aggravates my carpal tunnel.

I probably should have taken the time to stop at another store to get the Windex! 

So, now from my bad experience with the random glass cleaner, I’ll end up not using it and buying Windex next shopping trip I take.

You’re probably like, Mindy what on Earth does this have to do with Copic Markers.. and I’m getting there. Promise.

Do you have any idea how many times I’ve heard..

  • Can I take your class if I have “alternative markers“?
  • Copic Markers are too expensive can you suggest an alternate?
  • What “alternate marker” color is like Copic’s (B21)?

Every single time I had a student come to a class with an alternate marker, they ended up buying Copics. 

Because Copic Markers are the Windex of Alcohol Markers!

In reality they spent MORE money than was needed.

Remember – you don’t need all the Copic colors. Start small. 2-3 shades per color and a set (all odds or evens of grays). That’s really all you need.


So, don’t feel guilty buying something you truly want and deserve

Decide on colors, plan your budget, break up your shopping sprees and start coloring like a pro with the best alcohol markers in the market!

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