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FREE Copic Workbook

Workbook: Planning A Copic Budget And Deciding Colors

Are you new to Copic Markers?

Not sure what colors to buy?

Are you limited on how much you can spend?

If so, I’m so happy you have stumbled across my site and onto this page so you can grab a special Free Copic Workbook and Guide!

What you'll learn:

After you download and complete this Free Copic workbook, you will have a plan to what colors to buy, while staying within your budget and you learn how to create a unique coloring style.


"Best copic classes ever!"

“I have been colouring off and on for around 8yrs now. I’ve used most brands of alcohol pens but it wasn’t until I got given some copic pens that I realised just why they are the best.
I first came across Mindy’s classes back in 2017. Mindy was one of the first teachers who showed me how to take my colouring to the next level. I enjoyed her classes so much that I think I must have most of them classes now. You get lifetime access to any classes you buy, which I love.
Yes I will admit there are quite a few waiting to be done but the last 2yrs haven’t been easy with all the problems of Covid, as I’ve lost my mojo big time. But I still buy Mindy’s classes, as know how informative they are and I know I will learn so much from taking them. So they are all there just waiting for the day that I feel up to losing myself in some colouring again.
If you want to take your colouring to the next level. Then you would do well to look at the many classes Mindy has to offer. She also has a lovely free colouring resource available to, that is jam packed with loads of really useful information and lets not forget the free digital stamps you can also practice with.”

– Sharon J Chambers

Mindy Baxter - My Creative Scoop - Copic Markers

Copic Marker Instructor

Hello, I'm Mindy!

I’ve helped 1,000’s of crafty card-makers through their coloring journey! From buying your first Copic Markers to creating your own freehand backgrounds, all while learning how to create your own style and stand out as a card-making artist!

One of my most common requests from students and readers is needing more help with choosing Copic Marker colors. I’ve taken my 15 years of knowledge and created a simplified way to break down this process!

Download  your FREE Workbook: Planning A Copic Budget And Deciding Colors Today!

Download your FREE Copic Workbook today!

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