DIY Witch Broom Lollipops

DIY Witch Broom Lolli Pops (17)

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops

I just love Halloween! I remember when I was a kid how exciting it was to dress up and go to school. I will never forget the year I was a wind up doll. I looked like the girl on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. My mom made me a huge key from styrofoam. The little boy behind me at the school parade turned my key and broke it! I was devastated. I cried and cried!

I have been wanting to do some cute Halloween favors with these Sees lollipops, inspired by pinterest, of course. I was going to do something with pumpkins. Then I found these little craft bags in my stash and thought they would look perfect as a broom! So voila!

To create these DIY Witch Broom Lollipops you will need:

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (1)

The next thing you are going to want to do is cut the craft bag in half or about an inch longer than the lollipop (not the stick)

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (2)

Then we are going to cut the open part of the bag into strips making ‘fringe’ for the brush part of the broom. Notice along the to part of the bag along the sealed part. I made a little half circle with my scissors. This is to allow the stick to poke through leaving the brush part to cover the lollipop.

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Before you put the lollipop stick through the hole apply some strong double sided tape to each side of the lollipop. I use Scor-Tape, it’s my favorite and comes in a variety of different widths.

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (4)

Once you stick the lollipop stick through you will wrap the excess of the bag in opposite directions. So the fringe will be even on both sides.

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (5)

Mess up your broom’s brushes a little..

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (6)

Then, add your favorite Halloween colored ribbon to the stop of the broom.

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (7)

Then get your embellishments out, create a bow, cut out your tag.

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (8)

Attach it all, like so.

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (9)

Then add it to the top of your broom!

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (10)

SUPER cute, right!?

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (13)

I think they came out adorable. How cute would a table full of these look at a Halloween party!

DIY Witch Broom LolliPops (16)

I hope you like my Halloween DIY Witch Broom Lollipops. I have a few more Halloween ideas to share before the month is over! I hope you will visit me again! Right Click and save below.

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