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Most Common Asked Questions

The kits are actually not really picked all that great for blending. There’s usually not a whole lot of coordinating colors — to achieve that smooth blend. It’s like blending a light forest green with a dark olive green, the shades do not match. If you do want to purchase kits I recommend the Copic Blending Trios. They come with 3 coordinating colors that you can blend. I also recommend the 6 packs they come with 3 different shades with 2 coordinating colors you can blend. (affiliate links)

If your Copics are newer or recently refilled they might be super juicy. Also, there could be pressure built up in the barrel — if you use a marker and this has happened or is happening, take the cap off the other end when coloring. This will help release some of the pressure forcing the ink to come out.

TIP: Never open your marker directly over your image.

TIP: Keep a paper towel close by and when you see the nib start to get shiny — give it a little squeeze with the paper towel.

You can substitute color combos for whatever you have. For example if you have B91, 93, and 95 for blue and I’m using B12, B14 and B18 for the water.. use what you have. Try to replace however many markers I’m using with your combo. If you were to follow a class or tutorial and do not have those colors used you can still follow along. If you are watching someone color a brown bunny and they are using E30, E31, E33 — and you have E23, E25, E27 you can color using those. Yeah your bunny will be darker and different shade, but you’ll still get to follow the rule of applying the ink to the paper in the same way as the teacher. You can even make a pink bunny! 🙂

Once you pay for the course you have lifetime access. So if you you don’t have time right away to start but are interested in a course, it’s best if you sign up right away as the courses will only be available for a limited time.

I use a laser printer, it’s an HP Color Laser jet Pro M478f-9f. I have used an inkjet printer to print digis. If you are worried about the ink running into your Copic ink – try heat setting your image for a few seconds before you start coloring.

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