How to Create Clothing Patterns with Copic Markers

How often do you color an image?

Today I’m sharing a fun tip to help you color your images more than once.

The image I’m using today is by Rachelle Anne Miller and is mostly focused as a Christmas image.

Themed Specific Stamps

I’m using the digi stamp, Snow Globe and even though it’s a Winter/Christmas image I wanted to share how you can easily create a Winter Birthday card.

When I think of snow globes I automatically think – Magical so using that in my sentiment really makes a difference, I think. You can do the same with an Easter themed image, finding a sentiment or creating your own, “Some bunny has a birthday today!”

You can use a St. Patrick’s Day image as a “Good Luck” card and the same goes with birthday themed images you can use as a Congratulations or achievement card. There are tons of ways to use your themed specific cards all year round!

Printing Digis

 Often I get asked what kind of printer I use and if you have to use a laser printer in order to color the image with Copic Markers.

I am currently using an HP Color Laser Printer but I have used an inkjet printer with my digis. If you are concerned about your printer ink running when coloring with Copic Markers, I always suggest using a heat tool for a few seconds to ‘set’ the ink.

I’ve printed my ‘Snow Globe’ image at 3 inches wide and 4.2 inches tall and printed on Copic Xpress it Blending Card. I use Adobe Photoshop to resize all of my digis and for photo editing. Adobe Photoshop is an awesome program that cost only $20.00 a month!

I also have used Microsoft Word to resize my digi stamps. I have a video tutorial below to show you how I resize in Photoshop and Word.

Clothing Patterns with Copic Markers

Here are a few different patterns I have created on my Snow Globe image. Creating patterns is a great way to make your stamps look different and add a little more detail to make people and critters(with clothes) look more Christmas-y.

It will also encourage you to color the image more than once– which gives you the best value for your stamps and digis. If you are using a specific color palette on your card, here are a few different ways to use just 3 colors.

First image has flowers on the dress and once I had all the flowers on I used my white gel pen for the center.

Second image is plaid. The easiest way to do this is with your first color make thick lines across all the same size and distance apart. Then, add a thin line with a different color or the same in between those thick lines. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Third image has different size polka dots. To make them stand out I color all the polka dots in with the lightest color and then just add a shadow on the bottom part of the polka dots with the darker colors. A multiple color Polka dot pattern would be super cute, too!

Fourth image is solid with white polka dots — which is pretty self explanatory. Color the dress with one of the colors in your color palette and add white polka dots with a white gel pen. I tried to make them all just about the same size and equally apart.

Fifth image is stripes and my favorite. I used all the same color for my stripes. This pattern will look great with every other color different or even all different colors.

TIP: Any time you are leaving the background white with a pattern, like images 1, 3 and 5 you want to make sure you shadow the dress white first. 

More examples…

I have a few posts where I have added patterns to my images look at the Cute Candy Wrappers Here. I also have some fun patterns on the Gnome’s Outfits Here and Here!

Copic Color Combos

Before I added all the Copic Opaque Pigment Paint I created a sky of purple and teal hues. This is a great way to practice blending your Copics and blending together 2 different shades.

  • Background – BG10, BG11, BV00, BV000
  • Skin – E000, E00, E11, E13, R30, R000
  • Hair – E40, E41, E42, E43, E44
  • Scarf, Mittens, Clips and Tights – R32, R30, R000
  • Dress and Shoes – W00, W1, W3, W5
  • Snow Globe – BG10, BG000, R32, R30, W00, W1, W3, E44, E43, E42

To add the ‘snow’ or the Copic Opaque Pigment Paint all I did was dab or dot the paper with the brush. This ink is very thick and it does not wipe on smoothly.

Also, by dabbing it will give you more of a snowy textured look. I added the jewels from Pretty Pink Posh to bring out the color in the sky.

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