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Christmas Online Copic Marker Training Course

Create freehand Christmas backgrounds even if you can't draw!

Take your Copic coloring to the next level! Make your stamps and cards look different by adding backgrounds to them and creating scenes!


Do you want to get more out of your card-making and Copic Marker coloring?


Do you want tips on creating Winter scenes that you will be able to replicate over and over again?

Does this sound like you?

Confused about what colors to blend? You’re using so many different resources and think you need every single Copic Marker Color combo in order to create something beautiful.

You’re frustrated and confused about where to put shadows? You’re tired of just outlining your images with the darker color, like when you would color as a kid. The light source still confuses the heck out of you no matter how many tutorials you watch.

Want to learn how to blend smoothly and create texture? You keep trying to blend and it always looks blotchy or you start going outside the lines — you can’t control the ink!

Are you just looking for a Copic Training Class because you can’t decide what to learn first using Copics you already own? There are so many classes and tutorials it’s all overwhelming and you just want an informative class to teach you a good chunk of different techniques without having to buy a gazillion markers!!

You're not alone

I know coloring Christmas scenes can be complicated...

Coloring a Christmas Scene  is quite challenging when there are more areas that are white  because of the snow. 

So what colors should I use for shading snow?

How can I color the darker colors without looking streaky or blotchy?

How do I prevent the ink from the red ink from Santa’s hat from bleeding outside the stamped lines and into the snow?

Have any of these things happened to you? If so… I have totally been in your shoes!

Introducing my

Christmas Online Copic Marker Training Course

In this class you will learn how to color this adorable little Gnome on a mailbox, Santa and Peeking Kids on Christmas Morning images  and create the 3 Christmas scene backgrounds freehand using your Copic Markers.

You will be able to pause, play and rewind all at your own pace. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to this course!

Mock up - Christmas Copic Training Course (1)

inside the course

What You'll Learn

My classes are all recorded in real time so you can see the full process of the image coming to life step by step! No videos are sped through!

Since the videos are in real time — if I mess up, I’ll show you how to fix it!

Also, throughout the course I’m constantly giving you alternate ideas so you can make it your own.

3 Different Scenes broken up into 47 video modules which makes it super easy to follow so you know exactly where you left off!

Techniques Learned in the Course!

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Shadowing White
  • Creating Folds
  • Coloring Wood
  • 2 Different Trees Freehand
  • Snow
  • Colorful Winter sky
  • Night Winter sky
  • Mountains Freehand
  • Coloring Metal
  • Flicking
  • Fixing Mistakes
  • Learning when to stop coloring
  • Making it your own
  • Using minimal colors over and over to get different looks
  • Depth Perception
  • Using gray and brown to deepen shadows
  • Freehand Houses
  • Freehand Chimney
  • Mixing colors
  • Deep Shadowing
  • Light Source
  • And more!

+ LIFETIME access so you can work at your own pace.

Course Value $$$

Each Card Lesson is a $40 Value x3 = $120

Digi Stamp $4 ea. x 3 = $12

+ The freehand techniques will save you money on stamps – which can save you hundreds of dollars alone!

+ You wont be wasting Copic paper (which can be up to $1 per sheet) since I’m sharing how to fix mistakes. 

+ You are getting a customized supply list you will be able to use for all other projects without the headache of finding the right colors!





Here's a few student's who have taken this course!


Fantastic coloring class

All I can say if you haven’t t done a class with Mindy Baxter yet, you’re missing out on a fantastic coloring class. I was so excited that I finished my Christmas Copic Training Class with Mindy in less than 24 hours for all three classes.

– Carrie Triner


FUN and a great learning experience!

I REALLY enjoyed this class for many reasons. I usually lean toward coloring people because that is my comfort zone. Learning to create a koala with a pattern of fur got me out of my comfort zone and pushed me a bit. I’ve also taken many of Mindy’s classes and done several water and sky scenes with her. She never does the same thing twice and I love that! You will always learn something new. She uses different color combos and techniques so you will always get something out of it and never be bored!

– Cyndi Garland


Christmas Online Coloring Training Course

I used my Sunday creatively and did the great course from Mindy Baxter. I just love the courses, even though I’m from Germany and my English is very limited 🙈😆

– Manuela Friedrich

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I enjoyed this class very much. She is very good at explaining things and showing you how she does her coloring. I plan on watching this many more times to learn from her techniques. I am glad I signed up for this class.
- Terri Wilde
The Christmas Online Copic Coloring class

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Meet Your Copic Instructor

Hello, I'm Mindy!

I live in Southern California with my hubby and our 3 kids and 3 dogs. 

I’ve been coloring using Copic Markers for 15 years now and teaching for 12 – online and at local scrapbook stores and events.

My online coloring classes are all about Copic Coloring and learning how to to develop your own style as a crafter and artist. I want to teach you how to stand out in the card-making community and build your confidence so you can create cards and scenes using your Copic Markers!

Copic Course Questions

You can substitute color combos for whatever you have. For example if you have B91, 93, and 95 for blue and I’m using B12, B14 and B18 for the water.. use what you have. Try to replace however many markers I’m using with your combo. If you were to follow a class or tutorial and do not have those colors used you can still follow along. If you are watching someone color a brown bunny and they are using E30, E31, E33 — and you have E23, E25, E27 you can color using those. Yeah your bunny will be darker and different shade, but you’ll still get to follow the rule of applying the ink to the paper in the same way as the teacher. You can even make a pink bunny! 

My classes are going to help you more if you are using Copics. The technique is a little different if you’re using another alcohol marker with a bullet nib as opposed to the Copic which is a super brush nib. However, you will learn from the class still, light source, depth perception, freehand backgrounds and more. However, I do not have a lot of different coloring mediums — so telling you which colors to use will be difficult. So, I suggest if I’m asking for blue for water and I’m using 4 different shades of blue, just use whatever blue color combo that coordinates that you have. 

First, I’d like to say that you should learn from as many different people as possible. Then take the techniques and tips you learned, that you like the best, from each artist and combine them so you can create your own style! I think it’s so important to stand out and create your own look.

In my classes I encourage you to do just that. There’s no pressure to color it exactly the way I did — or if you didn’t want to go as dark, or if you wanted to do some extreme shadows. You need to create the look YOU want! I’m just there to help you learn how to use the markers and teach you some freehand backgrounds. 

Most of my new classes are only available for about a 2 week period. After a year has gone by I’ll re-open the course according to the season — some classes will stay all year if it’s not a seasonal class.

Unfortunately, no. I’m sorry. I’ve had an issue with class re-distribution and I put a lot of effort into my classes.

However, you will have access for the lifetime of the course… you purchase and can login to view them anytime.

Once you pay for the course you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run my coloring classes. So if you you don’t have time right away to start but are interested in a course, it’s best if you sign up right away as the courses will only be available for a limited time.

You will have 30 days to request a refund and I’ll refund your money and remove you from the course.

You also must not have viewed more than 15% of the courses content.

You’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to my online coloring class.

If any chance my classroom closes, you will be given the opportunity to download the classes to your computer.


I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this lesson. I am truly blown away at how detailed the children’s faces turned out by simply following Mindy’s instructions. The lesson taught about light source, shading, and more! I can’t wait to do the Santa and Gnome lessons. Mindy, thank you so much for for offering this amazingly detailed training course at such a great value!
-Donna Alqassar
Christmas Online Copic Training Course - Works like Magic!

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