7 Ways to build a Profitable Craft Blog + Free Checklist

7 Ways to build a Profitable Craft Blog + Free Checklist

7 Ways to build a Profitable Craft Blog + Free Checklist

I’ve done so much research over the last 2 years and just over the last year I’ve really implemented what I’ve learned into my site and business. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years my first 8 years of blogging I was on the blogger platform and wasn’t really looking to build a business. Then, two years ago I decided I didn’t want to be a waitress anymore. Dealing with rude customers and a ridiculous company that would take away my hours if I couldn’t get my customers to add avocado to your omelette and upgrade your drink to juice or coffee! Seriously .. you know how many people come in and order water. Ok– enough about my horror server stories.

I wanted more out of life. Can you relate? I knew this wasn’t a get rich overnight plan and I had to be patient. I’m finally seeing that light and knowing that all of my hard work is paying off.

Want to know how.. keep on reading.

So, I decided to switch from a free platform to paid. Think of it as renting and then moving up to buying. You can read more on my blog post – Why I Switched to WordPress

Why I switched to WordPress

Find Your Niche

The first year I started My Creative Scoop I thought I wanted a lifestyle type blog. I wanted to post about DIY, decorating, life adventures, printables, crafts. I wasn’t really getting anywhere. The only thing I was doing was confusing the crap out of my readers. My crafty Copic peeps didn’t want to know about DIY stuff and vice versa. So, I decided to to really hone in on my passion. Coloring and Copic Markers.

 So my advice to you is really stop and figure out what you want to post about. Once you narrow down your focus it’s easier to find your ideal readers and potential customers. If you are a scrapbooker, planner addict, cardmaker, colorist, sewer – focus on that!


Branding is SO IMPORTANT! Think about it, when you think Starbucks – do they have different logos for their locations, ads etc?No, everything is consistent. If you see their cup with no logo on it you KNOW that’s still Starbucks. People notice it and it has become that familiar to them. Don’t you want that about you and your brand? Find your look that represents you! this will be how people recognize you(your brand) be consistent with fonts, colors and the overall feel of your site.

I use the same fonts, colors even layouts on my project photography. So people will instantly say – That’s My Creative scoop!

Killer Content

Stop trying to post everyday! Instead of just throwing something out there 3- 5 times a week post 2 times or even once a week — make sure it’s valuable content. If you’re not giving your readers a reason to visit you they won’t come. Tutorial, how to, a checklist etc. I know it’s difficult at first and you are probably thinking what can I give to my readers. So here’s a few posting topic ideas:

  • Card/Scrapbook layouts,
  • Tutorials
  • Color Pallettes
  • Round Ups
  • Scrapbook Titles for for certain times of the year
  • Sewing Patterns
  • Lists (favorite companies, favorite stamps, favorite supplies, favorite bloggers etc)

Even though you’re not posting everyday you are posting valuable content when you do. I post 3 times a week. Monday Color Inspiration Challenge and 2 project posts one is usually a tutorial the other is a color palette.

But– all most posts focus around Copics and coloring (my niche)

Build Your Email List

I used to think that a newsletter was just to let people know — “I have a new post!” Wrong! This is seriously such a valuable tool if you want to grow a business. Social media is always changing the way people see your feed so access to their inbox is extremely valuable. Again, cannot just have an email list and expect people to join. You need to give them value. I give my readers so much! Free digi stamps, access to my digi library, tip and tutorials, ebooks, exclusive discounts on my classes. I’ve also developed a relationship with my readers. In my free 3 day Copic e-course I ask everyone a series of questions (this course is automated) but I sit and respond personally to each of those emails I receive. I love getting to know my readers better and being able to help them and see the progress and projects. THAT inspires me!

Social Media

Social Media is basically free advertising. Again, you want to be consistent with your brand, use the same logos, photos you use on your site on your social media platforms. There are so many social media outlets instead trying to use them all really focus on 2 or 3 of them. I use a social media scheduler called Hootsuite and pre-schedule all of my posts. Schedule your posts advertising your content and sharing other people’s content that is in your niche!


Pinterest is my main source of traffic. A lot of people get confused and but Pinterest is not social media — it’s a search engine! To effectively use this amazing tool in your business don’t use hashtags, use keywords relevant to your post that you’re pinning. For example if you are pinning a tutorial, what would you type in google to find that specific tutorial? “How to color hair using Copic Markers” is a great example. Or, for this particular post I’ll pin an image and use “Here’s 7 ways to build a Profitable Craft Blog” in my description area.

Example of a pinnable image:

7 Ways to build a Profitable Craft Blog + Free Checklist

You will also want to make your pins long and vertical I will usually make my pins 800 x 1200 or 800 x 1500.You want to pin great content and use a scheduler like Buffer . You also want to use keywords in your profile description.. make it about your reader — not you!

Business Plan

Make a plan and stick to it! Get a planner! I’m currently using a Brilliant Business Mom Planner and I love it. Write down your top 3-4 goals for the year and then break down steps down to monthly goals. Set aside time to get those steps done and check them off your list and give yourself credit and celebrate you for achieving them!

These steps WORK! Once you implement them consistently. Your hard work will pay off and you will start seeing results. If you are looking to start a Creative Blog check out my Creative Blog Resources Page to see what programs and tools I use.

Download your 7 Ways to build a Profitable Craft Blog + Free Checklist Below!

7 Ways to build a Profitable Craft Blog + Free Checklist

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  1. Perfect timing! I greatly appreciate your help and advice. Wonderful article! Hubby and I are in the early steps of building my Etsy store 1st, than once I am able, we will transfer to a dedicated web page. =)

    1. Mindy Baxter

      AWESOME Peggy! I’ll be posting more about the crafting business side of things so keep on watching. 🙂

  2. That is a great article! And such great advice! Thank you for sharing!
    xoxo olga

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